Can I nerd it up and write about iOS some more?  OK, thanks.

I went to a Royals-Tigers game last night, which I may blog about tonight or tomorrow.  But I wanted to first write about how I got into the game: using a ticket in my iPhone’s Passbook.

I think this is an incredibly exciting feature — so exciting that I’m openly geeking out about it here.  Passbook is a new application that aims to be a pseudo-wallet for iPhone users, albeit without the cash or credit cards (…for now).  The application is rather bare at the moment, as it’s developer-driven — passes only exist if third parties create the passes for use.  Major League Baseball is an early adopter, enabling the tickets for a few ballparks in the US, including Kansas City’s Kaufmann Stadium.

I am terribly hung up on remembering tickets.  Even though I’ve only forgotten a ticket once in my life (the Virgin Music Free Festival in Maryland), I worry like someone who forgets things weekly.  When I buy tickets to an event, I set calendar reminders: to make sure I receive the tickets, to make sure I’ve packed the tickets, to make sure I see a different calendar item about the tickets.

I never have to set such reminders for a few basics in my life: my wallet, my keys and my phone.  I don’t want to carry tickets for a November concert in my wallet this next month.  But if I can carry those around in my phone, and not worry about them until I arrive at the venue (at which point my phone dings me!), I’m suddenly not just saving paper, but also a lot of (admittedly excessive and unnecessary) anxiety.