A good piece on the misguided wisdom behind the Washington Nationals shutting down Stephen Strasburg.  I’m not surprised this is happening — the Nationals always struck me as incredibly cautious in the way they conduct business.  What surprises me is the number of Nats fans jumping to defend the plan.

There seems to be great folly in trying to predict what will happen in a few years, particularly in sports.  I say this not only because of the potential for injury, but because Strasburg is represented by the most ruthless agent in baseball.  I bet he’s not only trying to protect a future record-setting salary, but also trying to protect his client’s ability to enter the open market healthy — all the better to drive up the bidding.

I’ll be interested to see what happens — not only to Strasburg and the team, but to the fans.  Will they regret not seeing their best possible team in the most important games of the year?  I know I will, and I’m not even a Nats fans.  I root for their rivals, the Phillies.  And so it makes me wonder: how is it I that feels cheated, and not them?