Since I decided to start my blog from scratch, I figured I need a new name, and thus a new domain.  “Banana Grabbers” seems odd to anyone not on my old Quizo team (and even they probably find it weird), while my name alone bored me.  I needed to find something else.  And I needed to find something that translated to an available name.

So I dug deep into memory.  What meaningful story would produce a name?  Rather than going to a happy place, I went to a bad one.  I was bullied as a kid.  I don’t think I identified it as such at the time, as the bullied never want to name their peer as a bully, but I’m not breaking any new psychological ground here.  I was tormented in various ways.  The ones that my friends and family likely remember is the gum in my hair.  It happened more than once.  There was never any ice or peanut butter involved in removing it.  I had an ugly enough haircut that no one seemed to notice when I had a missing chunk of hair.

But what bothered me more than anything was the way that my tormentor — who I won’t name, because I hope he’s normal and adjusted and would hate that anyone ever remembers anything he ever did to me — developed a sing-song phrase to taunt.  He would call out “Oh John Carroll.”  How hateful, right?  It was only collar-burning in the sense that anything he could have said at that point would have gnawed at me.

Since my brain went there, I decided to take it back.  Oh John Carroll.  Of course that’s what I’ll call the site.  I haven’t thought of it, or him, in years.  But I did, and so I’m reclaiming it.

Oh, and then I tacked on “Yo John Carroll” because it wouldn’t be my site if I wasn’t immediately riffing on the idea of my having a site.